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Nilson Marulanda Quintero, was born on December 25th, 1972 in Santiago de Cali, Colombia. From an early age his inclination for art led him to perform in his high school (Santa Fe College and Departmental CASD) in Fine Arts, with drawing and painting being his greatest strengths.

In 1991 he was introduced to the art of carving glass. Since that moment, he has been in a constant search for new techniques and managing alternatives in glass, resulting in unique pieces of his art in his country and the world. The ability to create and express emotions in his works, have created that individuality and recognition at major customers, businesses and religious organizations such as the United Pentecostal Church of Colombia, as well as the army and the national police. Like many other prestigious companies and organizations of the country.

Many of his works are already exported to several countries in Europe such as Italy, Spain and Portugal; in the Caribbean British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Aruba; also Venezuela, Ecuador, Canada and the United States where the company’s headquarters already exists in Houston Texas and recently Mexico. Thus working on the vision of surrounding the world in a sea of ​​glass. The artist is aware of having received from God a gift of transforming crystal into a message of the Lord’s word, managing to attend over his 20-year career more than 1,600 churches supported by his wife and children that today they actively participate in the company.